Insight into ExperienceTM

Marketing Werks knows that powerful experiential programs begin with insight—insight into consumers, into markets, into creative, into best practices, and ultimately, into actual experiences to attract audiences and inspire actions. And that’s what sets us apart. Insights inform all we do.


We begin with a zero-based discovery process that blends quantitative resources with qualitative inquiry. Our goal is to reveal behavioral insights that drive compelling engagements.



Our real-time insight development provides an “exit poll perspective” to discern event effectiveness, all while laying groundwork for future optimization.



We deliver post-event continuity engagement to extend the reach of each activation, including providing rich insights to drive ongoing analysis and optimization.



Integrated Everywhere

Experiential marketing is more than clever creative and on-site savvy. It’s presenting the right message, to a targeted audience, in compelling fashion, at the prime time and locale. Then it’s following up to reinforce an experience and inspire action, loyalty, and ultimately, advocacy. To do it all, your marketing must be integrated into all channels—and your agency must be too.











Programmatic ExperientialTM

If your experiential marketing isn’t seamless with your digital efforts, you’re not making the most of your brand outreach—or your dollars. Marketing Werks uses exclusive, proprietary technology to geo-fence experiences and capture audience data via mobile device IDs. Amass 20x more target leads than simple email/direct-mail collection. (And free your brand ambassadors to do what’s important: to ambassador your brand.) We have the unique ability to aggregate, analyze, and track all consumers who interact at events. Most importantly, we have the power to retarget that audience in real time with dynamic calls-to-action and tailored offers. Ask us how our Programmatic Experiential platform can change the game for you.


Powerful Family Ties

Our parent company, CROSSMARK, empowers us with unmatched access to consumer data and superior analytics. Our sibling company, PromoWorks, provides nationwide connectivity to retailers and shoppers alike. The strength of our network and resources translate directly into powerful campaigns that begin with deeper insights and broader potential.

Leading Retail Sales & Marketing Firm

Global Reach

40,000+ Associates

100+ Years

Largest In-Store Events Company in North America

1.3 Billion Consumer Interactions

750,000 Events Annually

656% Average Daily Sales Lift