Insight into ExperienceTM

Einstein didn’t market brands, but it sure sounds like he understood experiential marketing. Simply, consumers know and value the brands they actually experience (as opposed to the brands they merely see). Nearly 30 years ago, Marketing Werks sparked an “experiential” revolution by offering brands direct to consumers in creative and compelling fashion. Today, our work is unparalleled across major industries including telecommunications, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, military services, consumer electronics, sports, and entertainment. Connect with your consumers and inspire them to act. Marketing Werks delivers memorable experiential campaigns that begin with insight—and lead to action.

Integrated Everywhere

Sponsorship, branded event, mobile tour, retail activation—regardless of opportunity, make the most of it. Start with an enticing experience, deliver it to a targeted audience, execute flawlessly, and do so at the prime time and locale. Then reinforce that experience to compel advocacy, loyalty, and ultimately, action. To do it all, your marketing efforts must be integrated across channels—and your agency must be too. We deliver brand campaigns globally, nationally, regionally, even hyper-locally. Regardless of scope, each campaign connects and inspires through insightful strategy and broad integration.










Programmatic ExperientialTM

Once upon a time, experiential “success” meant staging a compelling brand event followed by diligent consumer outreach (which used to mean email). Today, if your consumer outreach doesn’t begin before your event, and if your conversations don’t continue in real time across relevant social channels, and if you’re not sensitive and responsive to where an audience travels, both to and from your event—well, simply, you’re as ineffective as that overlooked email. Modern experiential marketing demands Real-Time Connectivity, Geo-Locational Sensitivity, and Messaging Agility. We call it Programmatic ExperientialTM and it’s changing the game for brands and consumers alike.

Three levels of Programmatic Experiential sophistication:
Geo-Targeted Paid MediaConnect your experience to where your audiences actually connect socially.
Geo-Targeted InteractionPersonalize both the outreach and conversation around your event.
Geo-Targeted CommandEngage your audience with real-time, evolving messaging and instant measurement and feedback.

Powerful Family Ties

Our parent company, CROSSMARK, empowers us with unmatched access to consumer data and superior analytics. Our sibling company, PromoWorks, provides nationwide connectivity to retailers and shoppers alike. The strength of our network and resources translate directly into powerful campaigns that begin with deeper insights and broader potential.

Leading Retail Sales & Marketing Firm

Global Reach

40,000+ Associates

100+ Years

Largest In-Store Events Company in North America

1.3 Billion Consumer Interactions

750,000 Events Annually

656% Average Daily Sales Lift