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Dan Miller
SVP, Operations
Marketing Werks & PromoWorks


“The best solutions are rooted in strategy.”

If you’re not moving forward, you’re not relevant. Dan Miller exemplifies the value and power of forward motion—and forward thinking. As SVP of Operations, he doesn’t simply solve problems, he finds solutions. Dan’s pushes our business ahead by assuring it runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably—and he does it all with a smile. He can deftly assess a situation and dive in with a smart strategy, across our entire portfolio of diverse brands. There’s always a solution. And Dan knows how to get there.

Dan began as Director of Merchandising with PromoWorks in 2001. He was responsible for growing PromoWorks from a $4MM to a $160MM business. Recently, Dan helped both MW and PW deliver (and over-deliver) our fiscal commitments by driving margin improvements. But his contributions go beyond keeping our cost structure in line. He builds relationships with key retailers and keeps us nimble in the face of client changes. At the end of the day, Dan cares about our people, and he knows that the best solutions are the ones that are best for the team.


Client History
Wal-mart, Wakefern, Hannaford, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, SEG, Mondelez, Kellogg’s, Albertson’s, General Mills, Tropicana