Geo Stewart
VP, Creative Director


“Experiential walks the walk.”

That’s what Geo loves about this business: helping a brand do something instead of just saying it. Make no mistake, plenty of talk is talked as well—because he builds experiences that inspire consumer conversations. In his role as VP, Creative Director he takes a content-centric approach to experiential, creating programs designed to be shareworthy.

Prior to joining Marketing Werks, Geo was the VP of Creative Services at The Marketing Arm where he led the State Farm sponsorship business, plus Ogilvy and Wunderman before that. A relentless consumer of entertainment (read: he watches too much TV) he brings that passion to Marketing Werks every day (read: he won’t stop talking about movies) and has partnered with major studios and sports leagues for years. Oh, and it’s short for Geoffrey.


Client History
Kraft, Oscar Mayer, Unilever, State Farm, Xbox, Taco Bell, Frito-Lay, Nestle, Outback