Cari Wilber
VP, Strategy & Growth


“Experiences are the truest extensions of your brand.”

Being on brand is mission critical. Across every touchpoint. That’s why Cari Wilber is the key touchpoint for our brand. As VP of Strategy & Growth for Marketing Werks, no one is a better brand messenger or brand advocate. Cari is equal parts strategist and evangelist. She delivers authenticity to each and every experience, from client work to life goals. Her extensive, impressive work history is matched only by her endless passion for the exciting, visceral work itself.

Part of Cari’s passion stems from her deep history with the company. Cari is not just a recent hire—in fact, she’s a re-hire. Wilber began her career at Marketing Werks in 2003 as the “Chocolate Ambassador” for the iconic Hershey’s Kissmobile! Now 15 years later, she returns to apply a career’s worth of insight and know-how, creating strategies to win over clients and prospective clients alike. Before re-joining the team, Cari worked at FUSION for two years, where she led their new business team. Lucky for us, she’s returned, reinvigorated and with even deeper experience. Cari has a record of award-winning, results-oriented campaigns. If that sounds good, you can be her next exciting project.


Client History
Sony, Hershey’s, Unilever, Purina, Verizon, Pernod Ricard, Kia, Air National Guard