Hitting the Right Notes

Among mobile phone users, African Americans are more likely to have a smartphone than Caucasians according to Nielsen. In fact, nearly two-thirds of those aged 25-34 years old carry one.

Our event staff couldn't help but test out our green screen karaoke.

Our event staff couldn’t help but test out our green screen karaoke

Knowing this, we saw an opportunity to make more of Verizon Wireless’s association with How Sweet the Sound® concerts. This highly-anticipated and attended event is a gospel choir search, celebrating music and creating a lasting impact on churches and neighborhoods across the country.

We created an event space specifically for these gospel concert events. Our already existing Verizon street teams stopped by these concert events and engaged concertgoers in a more memorable way.

To cater to this digital and mobile demographic, we created virtual coupon offers and interactive photo overlays as attendees demoed the latest smartphones and apps available from Verizon. With smartphones in hand, we created harmony between consumers and Verizon.

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