Everything EVENTtech, from AR to VR

I’m sure there’s something techie that starts with Z, but you get the point.

Geo Stewart  VP, Creative Director

Geo Stewart
VP, Creative Director

Last week my colleagues and I attended EVENTtech, in Las Vegas. For those who haven’t been to the conference, it’s a 3-day series of short panels interspersed with vendor demonstrations designed to help people combine digital + live.  And for those that haven’t been to Vegas, no I didn’t always bet on black and, yes, I managed to get reservations at three straight celebrity chef restaurants. So on that note, here are my top three takeaways:

Tech isn’t the point, but it should be a part

Whether you’re talking high-end Oculus Rifts or simple social walls, audiences are conditioned to expect an innovative element. But just checking that box isn’t enough – it’s the story you tell with technology that matters.

Don’t be content on content

Amplifying the experience is crucial, but you’ve got to give people a compelling reason to fill their feed. Simple pleas to “share your story” will fall on deaf ears, and just branding a hashtag doesn’t cut it anymore.  

Location, location, location

Create an environment that’s suitable for sharing. Murky, oversaturated lighting doesn’t make for a great Instagram. Monotone design doesn’t stop people from scrolling past your pic. The best tech in the business can help turn everyday people into evangelists for your brand, but it’ll all go to waste if what they share isn’t great.

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