Marketing Werks featured in Adweek’s 2016 Experiential & Event Marketing Guide


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Think One-to-One for Experiential Engagement

What does it take to forge a personal connection between consumers and brands?

At Marketing Werks, success means creating experiences that are equally memorable and motivating so consumers feel that brands understand them and speak to them one-to-one. 

The agency builds programs that capture attention, stir emotion and accelerate advocacy, believing that experiential marketing can serve as a kind of real-world focus group for brands to interact with and learn from consumers.

By creating experiences in an environment that, by design, facilitates meaningful trial, the agency drives brand advocacy. It does this by giving brands the opportunity to show up anywhere consumers go, from pop-ups to in-market solutions, from hyper-local to large builds, and via sponsorships, promotions and digital/social connection between consumers and amplification.

It is part of what Marketing Werks calls interactive sampling.

Consider its work for U.S. Cellular’s big-time sponsorship of University of Nebraska football. In addition to on-site activation, the company presents Husker Fantasy Camp, a once-in-a- lifetime VIP experience that gives fans exclusive access to their favorite football team.

This year, Marketing Werks amped up the excitement with breakthrough ideas such as a multi-acre corn maze near campus, leveraging social influencers to spread video of its creation.

At events surrounding the stadium and in local communities, it used U.S. Cellular devices to deliver virtual reality experiences showing fans what it would be like to win a trip to Husker Fantasy Camp.


David Rothkopf