Measuring the Invisible

Marketing Werks Unveils a Proprietary Tool to Measure ROI in Experiential

Lisa Fasana, SVP, Account Director

Lisa Fasana, SVP, Account Director

Why should you spend money in experiential marketing? It’s the question our brand clients are being asked and in turn, they look to us for the answer. While we track KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our activations, there is no industry metric to gauge how experiential activations move the brand needle. In an economy where every marketing dollar is scrutinized, the inability to prove an ROI means dollars are shifted elsewhere.

So, how do we tie a measurable, accountable KPI directly to experiential success?

For starters, we know 1:1 engagement is the only true connection humans will experience in a marketing world that’s more cluttered and more digital. While digital marketing is getting smarter and more “personalized,” nothing is more personal than a human connection…with a real human.

We believe an authentic 1:1 engagement is the most impactful form of marketing. And now we can prove it using what we call the Advocacy Quotient, or AQ.

AQ lockup_v2.png

Marketing Werks’ AQ score is a proprietary, measurable, and accountable tool to deliver ROI against event activation and experiential campaigns—finally, a KPI tailored specifically for experiential marketing. AQ blends a variety of industry benchmarks, including Net Promoter Score (NPS) (which gauges consumer reactions to events directly on site) and Net Sentiment (an accurate indicator of brand/event affinity expressed online over time). The result is a powerful tool to accurately track and report experiential impact.

Some clients currently measure overall brand NPS and/or net sentiment alone. AQ takes that reporting to the next level. We now can isolate the impact of experiential activations to show direct lift as compared to gen pop scores. And how do experiential activations generally score? We consistently see elevated AQ scores (measured on a scale of -100 to +100) when clients invest in experiential work (as compared to gen pop, NPS, and net sentiment alone). This proves the impact of 1:1 engagement. Simply, a personalized brand experience increases brand consideration and promotion.

Arm your brand team with measurable ROI to support your valuable marketing dollars. Or enhance your understanding of current programs to elevate and improve effectiveness. AQ is designed to deliver deeper understanding for greater impact across all experiential work. We’re excited to use AQ at this year’s Super Bowl, Lollapalooza, and other marquee events in 2018, all to further prove the value of 1:1 engagement with a measurable ROI.


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