PRO Award Silver Winner: Firestone Complete Auto Care

Note: This post was originally published on May 8 and has been updated to reflect the results of the PRO Awards.

Update: Firestone Complete Auto Care won Silver in the Best Retail Category at Chief Marketer’s #PROAwards for its successful Pop-up Vehicle Courtesy Check Campaign.

Congratulations to our client Firestone Complete Auto Care (FCAC) for their 2017 PRO Award nomination. The brand’s Pop-up Vehicle Courtesy Check campaign was named a finalist in the Best Retail Program category.

FCAC, a full-service automotive maintenance provider, created a first-of-its-kind Pop-Up Vehicle Courtesy Check, where their trusted technicians assessed cars, had personal consultations and booked follow-up retail appointments with consumers, right on the spot.

The campaign, which brought a trusting face to the FCAC name, gave consumers a reason to meet with their local car guys by providing free vehicle courtesy checks around town.

With a crew of expert technicians, FCAC connected with their target consumers in a convenient, approachable way — proving that they have what it takes to be their expert car guys.

The award results will be announced live at the PRO Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, June 13 in New York City. Stay tuned to find out the winning campaign.

David Rothkopf