Marketing Werks Wins Gold EX Award At EMS 2016, Transforms Event With Flavor Tripping Experience and New Digital Rollout


The Hershey’s REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup “Spin Your Beat” tour, developed and executed by Marketing Werks, won the Gold EX Award in the “Best Multicultural Event Campaign” category at the 2016 EX Awards. The EX Awards  — powered by Event Marketer Magazine — is the world’s largest and most prestigious recognition program for experiential marketing.

The Gold EX Award winning campaign was a series of sampling events designed to reach Hispanic Millennials that mashed different music genres and dance styles together to show that unexpected combinations like peanut butter and chocolate can be awesome. Complete with DJs, dancers and delicious REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, the campaign turned unexpected combinations into a must-try experience.

This year’s EX Awards drew a record-breaking 1,000 entries from around the world. Winners were announced in 23 categories at the annual EX Awards Gala on May 4 in Denver as part of the 2016 Experiential Marketing Summit.

EMS montage.jpg

Marketing Werks headed to Denver this year to bring home an EX Award, but the agency also transformed the event itself. At the summit’s opening reception, attendees were treated to a sensory tasting experience that left participants #TrippingatEMS—flipping their taste buds upside down with “miracle berry” samples. The Marketing Werks flavor tripping experience offered a flight of flavors, including citrus fruits that turned sour into sweet, strawberries and sour cream that tasted like the sweetest cake, and salt and vinegar potato chips that offered notes of kettle corn. It was a transformative experience, and just a small taste of what Marketing Werks can do. Learn more about how Marketing Werks transformed #EMS2016 below.

The agency’s taste tripping experience was only the beginning of their event participation. The summit was also a platform to highlight a new exclusive Marketing Werks digital offering — Programmatic ExperientialTM. Torre Gentile, VP, Digital Strategy & Innovation and Lisa Fasana, VP, Account Management presented two back-to-back sessions that illuminated how Marketing Werks uses Programmatic Experiential to amplify client events and generate greater engagement and ROI through real-time metrics and geo-locational marketing. The pair even referenced the previous night’s taste tripping experience for a live example of how Programmatic Experiential is a powerful approach to bring campaigns to life and connect with target audiences.

“As marketers, Programmatic Experiential allows us to bridge the gap between what a brand’s audience experiences on their screens across many devices, and how they personally experience a brand before, during, and after a live event,” said Torre Gentile, VP, Digital Strategy & Innovation. “Instead of viewing consumers’ many digital touch points as a distraction for the brand, our approach to Programmatic Experiential leverages these touch points to form a cohesive online and offline strategy that leads to more compelling, customized experiences.”

He adds: “Consumers win because they get more of what they want and what's relevant to them. Brands win because they get to attract and/or interact and engage with someone who is truly invested in their brand.”

David Rothkopf